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4 Nonprofit Organizations That Give Back to Animals

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Animal poaching is at an all-time high, threatening many animals' habitats, lives, and species survival.

Thankfully, countless individuals have stepped up and dedicated their time and resources to make a change. Through dedicated nonprofits, they're working to protect animals on the growing endangered species list. In admiration of their efforts, we want to highlight four of our favorite nonprofit organizations that give back to animals.

Let's learn more about what makes them so extraordinary!

1. The International Fund for Animal Welfare

Also known as IFAW, this organization is perhaps the most well-known nonprofit that gives back to animals. It was founded in 1969 to stop the hunting of seals in Canada, and since then, its mission has evolved to protect endangered animals worldwide. Since 2000, they have rescued, treated, and sheltered more than 275,598 animals.

Now, IFAW is involved in multiple projects to reduce poaching, wildlife trafficking, and natural and human-caused disasters around the world.

2. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

In true elephant fashion, we could never forget this nonprofit organization that gives back to animals. Based out of Nashville, the Elephant Sanctuary provides home, herd, rest, refuge, and individualized care for rescued retired African and Asian elephants from circuses and zoos.

In addition to being a haven for captive elephants, the sanctuary's goal is to educate the public on the complex needs of these often-abused animals and the crisis wild elephants face. Best of all, this organization allows interested animal lovers to sponsor an elephant. So you can feel good knowing that your donations are helping a specific animal in need.


Although this nonprofit isn't specifically committed to wildlife, it makes an incredible impact on domestic animals. Founded in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was undoubtedly one of the first nonprofits dedicated to protecting animals.

The ASPCA features many devoted programs and sub-organizations, and in 2020 alone, its relocation program rehoused more than 27,000 animals.

4. Oceana

Overfishing, pollution, climate change, and loss of sea life are among the top dangers to the world's ecosystems and the devastation of its food supply. Oceana has dedicated its resources to protecting and restoring the world's oceanic wildlife, working to tip the scales away from global disaster.

This nonprofit organization gives back to animals through science-based fishery management, which defines catch limits and reduces bycatch. This campaign protects habitats and enables our vulnerable oceans to rebound and recover from human impact — an issue that has already significantly altered or destroyed marine ecosystems and driven many species to the brink of extinction.

A Note from PETAL Wildlife

Although animals are majestic and powerful in their own right, endangered species still need our help to thrive and replenish their numbers. Charitable organizations work day and night to support wildlife across the globe, and we, too, hope to one day join the list of nonprofit organizations that give back to animals. In fact, we are currently pursuing certification as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to better carry out our work and help protect endangered species. In the meantime, we're still doing our part!

At PETAL Wildlife, we feature unique and hand-designed educational boxes and materials in our shop that feature original books, games, puzzles, and more that bring awareness to endangered species. One hundred percent of our annual net profits are donated to conservation efforts involved in anti-poaching, endangered species education, and rescue programs and to schools to incorporate wildlife education into curriculums. You can also support our mission by donating any amount!

Want to get involved? Contact us or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about endangered animals, new product drops, and more!

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