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Companies That Give Back to Animals

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Trends cycle so quickly nowadays that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the advent of fast fashion. We exist within a society of consumers, and that means manufacturers must constantly think of new products for us to purchase. Given this lightning-speed fashion cycle, it’s far too easy for us to buy into trends mindlessly. We want to have the most incredible, most popular Instagram posts to fit in. What if we all slowed down and took time to consider how our shopping habits affect others? These bad habits not only affect people but animals as well. It’s time to think about how these trends affect the well-being of the animals on Earth and the environment at large.

Every year, poachers and hunters kill 150 million animals for their fur, skin, and wool to make the clothing we innocently wear every day. As the masses become more educated on these practices, fashion brands seek to change the world and the apparel industry. It is becoming more and more common for brands to value sustainability and give back to animals by using environmentally friendly materials or donating to organizations that help animals. Before you order from another unethical fast-fashion brand, take a look at these clothing companies and help animals with your next purchase.

PETAL Wildlife

Women owned and operated, P.E.T.A.L. Wildlife was developed by an Oncology Senior Scientist out of a passion for wildlife and habitat conservation. Our goal at P.E.T.A.L. is to bring awareness to endangered species and teach is to teach kids (and adults!) about our beautiful planet and the creatures that inhabit it. That is why every item we sell is also used to teach. Here, you will find unique, educational boxes filled with books, games, activities, and more as well as educational materials perfect for gifts and classrooms. We are so passionate about endangered species, that 100% of our proceeds are donated to conservation groups and wildlife organizations who work to save and protect these vulnerable species and to schools to incorporate wildlife education into school curriculums.


Kids can learn more fun animal and Earth facts with our products!


The Elephant Pants

You may have seen The Elephant Pants on Shark Tank in 2017 when they managed to garner a $500,000 investment. This company is still in business today. In 2013, college students Nathan Coleman and James Brooks took a life-altering trip to Thailand. It was during this trip that the concept for The Elephant Pants was born.

Their ornate, artful designs are crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by the best seamstresses who work in a safe, healthy environment. The business also ensures that its employees have healthcare and get paid double the standard wage. The Elephant Pants are comfortable and stylish. With each purchase, the company donates 10% of proceeds to the Elephant Conservation Organization, which supports anti-poaching laws, elephant habitat protection, and the prevention of human-elephant conflict.

Brave Gentlemen

Founded by Joshua Katcher in 2010, Brave Gentleman seeks to go beyond using the term “ethical fashion” as another marketing ploy to drive sales. Their goal as a company is to disrupt the current systemic abuse of animals and the environment at large in order to make clothing.

Their brand features classic men’s shoes, accessories, pants, tops, and even made-to-order suits. To combat the destructive, eternal cycle that we call “fast-fashion,” they focus on slowly producing classic, timeless pieces without the structure of manufactured fashion “seasons.” All of the designs featured by Brave Gentlemen are artfully with revolutionary materials, like Brazilian future-wool tweeds made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, and organic cotton.

You can rest assured that Brave Gentleman’s entire manufacturing process is ethical as well. They ensure that both the people who craft their materials and produce the clothing themselves are well-paid and work under safe, respectable conditions. In addition, no animal products are used to create their clothing. From the dyes to future-ivory, future-wool, and future-silk, Brave Gentlemen is one of the most ethical, animal-friendly brands to exist.

Ivory Ella

This famous brand partnered with Save The Elephants in 2017 and hasn’t slowed down since! Founded by ex-high school teacher Matt Fiano in 2015, Ivory Ella is defined by the mantra: “comfort, compassion, and consciousness.” Its mission is to impact the globe with sustainable fashion. Since the conception of Ivory Ella, they’ve donated a staggering $2 million to Save the Elephants. This brand features everything from hoodies, t-shirts, and loungewear to accessories and home décor. Ivory Ella draws attention to the fact the elephants and humans are not as different as they may seem, as we both display acts of compassion and social awareness. As 100 African elephants are killed a day by poachers, take time to give back to the environment that supports us, and consider making your next purchase with a brand like Ivory Ella.

Origins Apparel

You may have already heard of this brand, and that is with good reason! At Origins Apparel, each article of clothing is made with the knowledge that wildlife does not exist for the exploitation of humans, and we are a part of nature. It is our responsibility to take care of the animals and wildlife that take care of us. Unfortunately, with fast fashion, unethically sourced fabric, and the constant exploitation of animals for modern life, human beings have become detached, and clothing brands like Origins Apparel seek to restore the balance between humans and wildlife.

The best part is every time you make a purchase with Origins Apparel, 10% of the proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Fund to adopt an endangered animal, and many of their products donate 100% of the proceeds. As this company grows, so does its impact on the environment and the endangered species of the whole world, making Origins Apparel a prime choice to give back to the animals.

Donate Today, It’s the PETAL Wildlife Way

To make a change in the welfare of animals across the globe, everyone needs to do their part. Clothing brands and shoppers are only a tiny part of this picture. If you’re passionate about protecting endangered animals, PETAL Wildlife is here to help you make an impact. Our mission is to provide kids with the education to safeguard wildlife mindfully, starting at a young age.

We offer unique, educational boxes filled with books, games, activities, and more as well as educational materials perfect for gifts and classrooms in our shop. Every purchase made at PETAL Wildlife gives back to endangered species, with 100% of our annual net profits donated to advance endangered species education, rescue programs, and anti-poaching. You can also support our mission by donating any amount!

If you’re passionate about saving endangered species, and you’d like to know more about PETAL Wildlife and the organizations we support, contact us today!

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