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Hi! We're P.E.T.A.L, a women-owned non-profit

Our mission is to bring awareness to endangered wildlife and habitats through creativity and education. Each of our products are creatively and thoughtfully hand-designed by us, every one of them having an educative flair. Learn the value of the earth's biodiversity while enjoying a beautifully designed product.
100% annual net profits are used towards preserving the welfare of endangered species.



Go back to school in style!

Shop our beautiful, hand-designed, spirograph themed back-to-school collection featuring endangered biomes! Free shipping on all orders and proceeds support protecting endangered ecosystems

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unique & Handmade


Like the pride of a lion, we are incredibly proud of the products we create and that we are making a difference for endangered wildlife and habitats. 

Paw prints are unique to each animal. At P.E.T.A.L, uniqueness is at our core. Each and every product is designed, illustrated, and written by us, which makes them one-of-a-kind and extra special.

Wise as an owl! We also believe that education is a powerful tool. If we know more about our species, both common and uncommon, the more we understand their value. We try to incorporate a piece of education about endangered species and habitats into each product, even in our clothing and home & living items!



From day 1, our mission has been to support the amazing work that conservation groups are doing to save, protect, and preserve our wildlife and habitats. 100% annual net profits donated to the remarkable organizations.


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Perfect Gifts

Shop our book bundles! These make great gifts for all occasions at deeply discounted prices

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Just because

Our adorable Animal Pun Tees and Nocturnal Endangered Species Collection of pillows and blankets will be a perfect addition for yourself or your home!

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foR our educators

P.E.T.A.L thanks you for all you do! We also firmly believe that education of the minds of children about our sensational earth, animals, and plants at a young age will stay with them throughout their lives 

Find out how easy it is to incorporate our books and educational games into classrooms through our Bulk Program!

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Because of your purchase, we are one step closer to seeing our wildlife and habitats flourish. 100% of annual net profits are being donated to support the outstanding work that wildlife conservations and environmental groups are doing