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Your child will learn all about special nocturnal endangered species with this take on the classical memory game! Comes with 6 pairs of animal wooden circles. Flip over 2 circles at a time to find a paired match. If you get it wrong, turn them back over and try again until you find a match and keep going! This game can be played alone or with friends. Bonus: for an educational twist, each animal circle also contains a fun fact so your child can learn as the game is played to know more about these amazing creatures. Part of our Sustainable Products line, this entire game is made from 100% recycable and/or biodegradable materials.



1 set of 12 animal wooden circles (6 pairs of animals: spotted owl, pangolin, sloth, badger, aye-aye, and hedgehog)

1 set of instructions

Nocturnal Endangered Species Memory Game

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