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Detective Swifty, the adorable, clever swift fox, and his loyal, trustworthy prairie dog pal Gus solve yet another mystery right in their own Grassland town!  This fourth book of the series takes Detective Swifty and Gus on an adventure through the neighborhood as they help the local mailman, Mr. Whoopsies the whooping crane when the townsfolk's mail suddenly starts disappearing! Kids will not only be introduced to several endangered species of the Temperate Grasslands biome, but also will be provided interesting, fun facts about each animal, place, or thing introduced in "Knowledge Boxes" that are scattered throughout the book! This fun, but educational piece is sure to be a hit for your little one.


  • Glossy hardcover
  • Hand-drawn artwork
  • Suggested age: 4-6

Detective Swifty: Disappearing Mail Storybook

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