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Pangolins: Facts that Everyone Should Know

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Pangolin. Photo: Unsplash/ Louis Mournad

1.The word Pangolin comes from ‘penggulung,’ the Malay word for roller.

2. There are eight species of Pangolin; four live in Africa and four live in Asia.

The species that live in Africa include: Black-bellied Pangolin, White-bellied Pangolin, Giant Ground Pangolin, and Temminck’s Ground Pangolin. Species that live in Asia include: Indian Pangolin, Chinese Pangolin, Sunda Pangolin, and Philippine Pangolin.

3. What do Pangolins eat? Pangolins eat ants, larvae and termites because they have no teeth to bite through an animal’s skin and flesh.

4. Where do Pangolins live? Pangolins live in the hollow trees and burrows of grasslands and forests.

5. How many Pangolins are killed each day? About 300 Pangolins are being killed each day. Pangolins are very close to being extinct if we don’t help them!

Pangolin in the Forest
Pangolin in the Forest. Photo: Unsplash/ Geran de Klerk

How to save a Pangolin!

To save a Pangolin, if you see Pangolin trafficking, then contact your local authorities or conversation groups who will be able to offer advice. Another option is to spread the word about the close extinction of pangolins to your friends or family so that everyone can work together to save them.

Pangolin Scales
Pangolin Scales. Photo: Hilton

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Why we should save Pangolins!

We should save Pangolins because they protect forests from pest destruction. One Pangolin eats about 70 million ants and termites every year. If Pangolins go extinct, there will be more of these pests in forests and houses and nature will not be balanced.

Pangolin looking for insects
Pangolin looking for insects. Photo:

Special thanks to these websites for the info!

  1. World Wildlife Fund: WWF (link)

  2. CNN (link)

  3. PBS (link)

  4. INDEPENDENT (link)

  5. The Nature Conservancy (link)

Find out more about Pangolins and how you can help here.


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