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10 Fun Facts About Animals to Share with Your Students or Kids

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The world is filled with fascinating plants and wildlife. According to scientists, the natural world contains more than 8.7 million different species!

There is so much to learn, and sharing fun facts about animals is an excellent way to make education exciting and interactive. With that in mind, we wildlife lovers wanted to present a few of our favorite fun facts about animals that you can share with your children or students. Who knows, it may even help them discover their new favorite animal!

10 Fun Animal Facts for Kids

1. Bactrian camels, also called two-humped camels, can drink up to 88 pints of water (50 liters). That's like drinking 25 big soda bottles! Camels love water so much that they will even drink salty water. Does that sound good to you?

2. A polar bear's hair is not white — it's colorless! Its strands are thick, hollow, and reflect light. This is what makes them appear white. Polar bears actually have black skin underneath that thick coat of fur, which helps them soak up the sun's warm rays in the chilly Arctic.

3. A chameleon's tongue is as long as its body but can grab prey in a fraction of a second! How fast can you catch something?

4. Lion roars are the loudest of any other big cat. Their roars can reach 114 decibels (the same loudness as a chainsaw) and can be heard from as far as five miles away. This is because lions have a square and flat-shaped voice box, whereas other big cats in the pack have a triangle-shaped voice box. Translation: better airflow means a louder roar with less effort!

5. The five-limbed body of a starfish radiates around a central disc. If a starfish gets split into five pieces, each piece can survive and regrow itself — but only if it contains part of that central disc. Do you know of any other animals that can regrow their limbs?

6. Betta fish come in more than 15 colors, including black, white, purple, orange, transparent, red, and even rainbow! How many other colors can you guess?

7. Hermit crabs drink water by dipping their claws into the water and scooping it into their mouths. Can you do this? Does this make it easier for you to drink water?

8. Gorillas have wrinkles on their noses unique to each ape, just like our fingerprints. They are called "nose prints," and conservationists use photos and sketches to keep track of them.

9. Believe it or not, elephants can swim! In addition to using their mighty trunks for eating and drinking, they can use them to breathe like a snorkel when submerged in deep water.

10. A rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair, not bone. It contains keratin, which is a fiber-like protein. You can also find keratin in nails, hooves, feathers, scales, and claws.

PETAL Wildlife

It is always exciting to learn fun facts about animals. How many on our list did you know? We hope you can use these facts to create learning materials or spark great conversations to improve critical thinking skills and encourage imagination.

If you're passionate about protecting animals and educating others, PETAL Wildlife is here to help you make an impact in your little explorers' lives. Our mission is to provide kids with the education to safeguard wildlife mindfully, starting at a young age.

Our online store offers fun and educational materials about endangered species and their habitats. Every purchase made through PETAL Wildlife gives back to endangered species, and 100% of our annual net profits support endangered species education, rescue programs, and anti-poaching efforts. You can also support our mission by donating any amount!

If you'd like to know more about PETAL Wildlife and the organizations we support, contact us today!

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